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Social Media Analysis

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February 2021

These results suggested that the EVALI outbreak, an outbreak of respiratory illness related vaping products, dramatically reduced online shopping for e-cigarettes and that at the same time shopping for PMI's novel heated nicotine product IQOS rose during this outbreak.


September 2019

Two years after a study showing that suicidal ideation increased following the release of 13 Reasons Why, Dr. Leas, Ayers and Dredze discussed lessons learned from this tragedy, specifically the need to heed the earliest empirical evidence and take it as a serious call to action.

Selected News Coverage: NBC | New York Times | The Atlantic 


August 2016

This study demonstrated new opportunities to detect and aid agents of change and advanced our understanding of communication in the 21st century media landscape.

Selected News Coverage: New York MagazineForbes

December 2016

Inspired by Seeing Kids Wandering in Front of Cars While Glued to Their Phones Playing Pokémon GO, Drs. Eric Leas and John Ayers Teamed up With Researchers at AAA Automotive Insurance to Identify Public Reports of Distracted Driving and Pedestrian Incidents using Twitter and News Reports.

Selected News Coverage: BBC | CNN | Forbes 

Impact: Shortly after our article was published, Pokémon GO's maker Niantic Inc. made safety improvements by limiting the ability to play the game at driving speed

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