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Cannabis Research

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November 2021

In this editorial,  I make the case that the loopholes that allow THC compounds to be sold as hemp ought to be closed and provide a brief case study of one state that has done an exceptional job in closing such loopholes.

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November 2021

In this manuscript we show that interest in delta-8-THC increased in 2020 and 2021, particularly in US states with stricter cannabis use policies.


June 2021

This analysis indicated that over a third of Google search results indicative of shopping for vaping products directed to retailers who sold CBD products with many resembling tobacco products. The abundance and placement of CBD products in online vape shops suggests a growing demand and appeal of these among e-cigarette users.

May 2019

Drs. Eric Leas and John Ayers discuss how few of the lessons from tobacco marketing are being applied to cannabis products presenting a case study of the manufacturer MedMen®.

Selected News Coverage: New York Times | San Diego Union Tribune


October 2019

These findings indicated that interest in CBD across the United States has increased considerably and is accelerating across all 50 US states. Searches for CBD during April 2019 eclipsed many other health topics including veganism, vaccination and exercise.

Selected News Coverage: STAT News | Washington Post 


October 2020

These findings suggested despite CBD only being approved for a narrow range of applications, the public is using CBD to treat a broad range of medical conditions, many with known therapies. 

Selected News Coverage: US News & World Report

Also read NIDA deputy director Dr. Wilson Compton and Science Policy Branch Chief Dr. Emily Einstein's invited commentary on this publication.

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