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Tobacco Research


July 2021

These results demonstrated that smokers who use menthol flavored cigarettes have a harder time quitting smoking but those who switched from menthol improve their chances of success. This suggests that removing menthol may improve menthol smokers’ success during quit attempts.

Selected News Coverage: STAT News | @NIDAnews


January 2019

These results identified that smoking prevalence was unevenly distributed both within and between America’s largest cities, and these difference were associated with inequities in income, race, and exposure to tobacco retailers. The results suggested that strengthening existing tobacco control interventions, such as raising excise taxes and implementing cessation programs targeted to resource-poor communities may aid in counteracting these inequities in smoking.

Selected News Coverage: LA Times | Reuters 


December 2017

Despite the clinical efficacy of pharmaceutical smoking cessation aids in randomized control trials, this robust observational study found no relationship between the use of medications and smoking abstinence. A possible explanation for the lack of translation to the general population was that counseling and support interventions provided in efficacy trials may explain the were rarely used.

Monograph Mentions: Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking Cessation | Evidence Update on Cessation for the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force

March 2017

Despite passage of a 2010 law that banned this practice, these results suggested there are still more than 2.5 million U.S. consumers who continue to believe they are using a brand of cigarettes that might be less harmful. In 2013-14, 67 percent of Natural American Spirit consumers said their cigarettes were less harmful than other brands

Plain Packaging Limits Tobacco Brand's Ability to Use Their Packaging to Claim Their Cigarettes are Safer 


December 2017

These results suggest that NAS cigarette packaging conveys that its cigarettes are ‘safer’ and that such perceptions are lower with standardized packaging, both with and without warning images.

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